Leslie Gaudet Coaching

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Helping you unlock yours and your team’s full potential.

Hi, I’m Leslie! a dedicated professional specializing in empowering female entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space to avoid burnout, sustain motivation, and thrive in life and business through self-care and personal growth.

My Mission is to  empower women globally to embrace self-care for their well-being, unlocking joy and purpose for more fulfilling lives.

With unwavering commitment to my mission, I am determined to create a world where self-care, compassion, and personal growth are prioritized, empowering humanity to awaken their true potential and flourish.

My Story

My professional journey began within the corporate world. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my passion for personal growth and the well-being of others extended far beyond traditional business environments. I was drawn to the transformative power of self-care and decided to pursue my certification as a life coach.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my career to helping women find balance, nurture their well-being, and unlock their full potential. I find joy and fulfillment in guiding my clients through their personal and professional development journey. I’ve witnessed remarkable transformations as my clients step into their power and design lives and businesses that align with their values.

My Core Values


I’m committed to helping my clients recognize their strengths, overcome their fears, and embrace their unique potential. Empowerment is about unlocking the power that is already within.


I encourage my clients to always seek opportunities for self-improvement and never stop expanding their horizons. I strive to create an environment that fosters curiosity, exploration, and growth.


I’m committed to guiding my clients in establishing sustainable self-care practices and managing their energy effectively, allowing them to maintain harmony in all areas of their lives.

My Approach

As a dedicated coach, I focus on the interconnected nature of personal and professional development. My approach is holistic, weaving self-care principles into your professional life to manage stress and nurture self-awareness. 

Through self-discovery, I enable my clients to recognize their strengths, overcome challenges, and move forward with confidence. The aim is not just to achieve success but to ensure that the journey there is balanced and fulfilling.

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