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As a Senior Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, I leverage my expertise in self-care to provide female entrepreneurs and business leaders with actionable strategies to prioritize wellness, avoid burnout, cultivate resilience, and lead with purpose.


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  • Becoming An Unstoppable Woman: 25 Strategies To Help You Achieve The Unstoppable Mindset

HER Extraordinary LIFE By Design Podcast

Join your host Leslie Gaudet, Self-Care Coach, International Best Selling Author, and Motivational Speaker, as she invites inspiring women from various walks of life to share their personal journeys. Together, we’ll unveil the experiences that have shaped them into the incredible individuals they are today, by taking a deep dive into their past and exploring the pivotal moments that influenced their lives.

As we uncover the layers of their stories, we’ll also focus on their entrepreneurial journeys. Discover how these women have fearlessly carved their own paths as business owners, passionately pursuing their dreams and creating a meaningful impact on their communities.

Tune in to HER Extraordinary LIFE By Design, where empowerment, inspiration, and transformative stories await.


In addition to hosting her own podcast, Leslie is regularly invited to share her self-care expertise on other leading podcasts and platforms.

This page provides a collection of podcast episodes where Leslie offers insights on topics like:

  • Avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur
  • Cultivating resilience and achieving work-life balance
  • Setting emotional and physical boundaries
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence and mindset
  • Fostering positive leadership and company cultures
  • Practicing mindfulness and self-compassion
  • Managing stress and improving focus
  • Personal growth through holistic self-care
  • How self-care is the cornerstone for God’s Plan for Success in our life

Listening to these interviews provides a deeper dive into Leslie’s approach to holistic wellbeing. Hear first-hand how her experience, knowledge, and passion helps professionals prioritize self-care and lead with purpose.


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